Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflicts with the help of a neutral and independent external third person, the mediator. The mediator leads the process of the restoration and improvement of the communication as well as the negotiation between the parties. At the mediation table, what really matters can be discussed in depth and lead to an understanding of each other’s vieuw. Beyond their positions, parties can consider their interests.

The purpose of mediation is to find a solution that meets the interests of all parties. A win-win solution for the future.

The main characteristics of mediation:

  • confidential: a safe environment where everything can be discussed
  • volunteer participation: also volunteer ending if the parties want to
  • commitment: willingness of the parties to actively look for a solution
  • autonomy of the parties: self-made agreements last
  • faster and less expensive than a legal procedure

I mediate in:

  • (international) work/employment conflicts: whether a conflict between two colleagues or a conflict between a manager and an employee, it is crucial to resolve the conflict in an effective and quick way in order to restore and/or improve the collaboration. Also when the employment comes to an end, mediation offers the possibility to terminate the employment relationship in an acceptable way.
  • (international) business conflicts: the importance of solving a business or commercial conflict is high for companies. The interests at stake as well as the business relationship requires a solution that is fast and tailored by the parties and thus acceptable to them. Mediation is more and more seen as an effective way of solving business conflicts. Mediation is fast, effective and maintains the business relation.
  • school/educational conflicts: the importance of a qualitative and continuous education for children as well as a good working relationship and environment for and among teachers and between school and parents. Mediation offers the safe and structured setting to discuss issues specific to the educational field and find solutions in the interest of education at large, the children, the school and the parents.