A mediation is a structured process within a relatively short period of time.

  • intake phase: first I have an intake meeting with each party individually. During the intake each party tells individually about his/her own perspective of the situation.
  • exploration phase: the mediation begins by signing, during the first joint meeting with all the parties, the mediation agreement in which the conditions of the mediation are set out. Afterwards a few joint meetings take place. During these meetings, the parties come to listen to each other, explore and understand each others’ interests behind the positions taken.
  • negotiation phase: once all the interests have been explored and inventorised, the parties to the mediation can then get to the negotiation phase and generate options and negotiate together so that they can find a solution acceptable to both of them.
  • the termination/closing phase: what parties have agreed is put in writing and the mediation is closed.

The goal is a customized win-win solution parties in the mediation create for the future.

It is also possible to have a “one day” or half-day mediation (frequent in business conflicts).

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